COVID Protocol

In order to create a safe, enjoyable and delicious visit,


    Our check-in and check-out process is "virtual", with a packet awaiting your arrival to the Old General Store.  Check-in begins at 4:00, and due to our enhanced cleaning protocol, we will be sanitizing until that moment... and will be ready for you starting at that time.  We are not able to accommodate earlier arrivals.
    You can find a list of FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS on the Homepage at   Prior to arrival, the best way to be in contact with us is through our contact form: Contact Us  Please let us know what we might do to enhance your stay! 
    While on property, we will keep in touch via TEXT. 
    All meals during your visit will be DELIVERED to your door, or you can UPGRADE any evening meal to be delivered to a private romantic campfire site on the property. 
    The Multi-course Winter Fireside Dinner is on MON, WED and SAT evenings.   We have the Simple Supper and Wine & Cheese available alternate evenings.  If you haven't already done so, please EMAIL regarding any DIETARY restrictions or requests for ADDITIONAL MEALS, prior to your arrival, so that our kitchen can plan accordingly. If you want to book a private campfire upgrade for evening meal, please let us know prior to arrival. 

    Daily Housekeeping will be done as no-entry "delivery". We will not be entering your space after your arrival, and will fulfill any requests for supplies each day. 
    We are always excited to help you to enhance your time together.  Please give us as much notice as possible to make sure that we have what we need to create your enhancement of Flowers, Occasion Cakes, BodyWorks, etc.
    In the privacy of your Suite or Cottage, or while wandering the 500 acres of wilderness and trails, there is absolutely no obligation to wear a mask.  We ask that you wear one when entering the General Store, which BTW will be open to you 24/7 during your stay for you to shop at your leisure. 

    Our cancellation policy of 30 days does not change, including for Covid-related reasons.  If you need to cancel within the 30 day window, for any reason at all, we will assist to sublet your reservation, and the cost of the full amount of your trip is your responsibility until the space is sublet.  For this reason, we highly recommend that guests acquire 3rd-party travel insurance, to protect in case of any emergency.